Should I or shouldn\’t I fight my camo addiction

<p>Hmmm…should I or shouldn't I fight my camo addiction came to mind when my sibling emailed me a link to&nbsp;Facebook Camo Rings. Everyone in my inner circles knows about my all out love for camo stuff – clothing, jewelry, home decor, you name it! So once that email link appeared I tried to remain calm, take deep breaths and see if I really needed the new items. Well, after all that and clicking to the site, an overwhelming YES was the reply. YES I should shop, that it 🙂 And I was well rewarded with new camo goodies shortly thereafter.&nbsp;</p>

Investing in fast food chains – smart?

<p>My husband is trying to invest our savings since interest rates are just so darn low. One area of interest is inveting in restaurants and fast food chains locally and nationally, maybe getting into property development like pros such as&nbsp;Art Falcone has done with his family. So for now, my &nbsp;husband is saving links, bookmarking site pages like the one above. Plus he is reaching out to franchises and investment groups and clubs to see what opportunities he can find out there to invest in. I am with him one hundred percent in this, too. Sounds awesome and fun at the same time!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Cear’s Answer to Maldives

Featured many a times in various travel magazines, Maldives truly is among the finest beach destinations in the world. However, it is also notorious for being pricey. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, the closest thing in my opinion is Ceará’s Jijoca de Jericoacoara.


Jijoca de Jericoacoara or simply Jeri has features that can contend to Maldives’ reputation. The only thing that will stand in your way to see this paradisiacal place is the distance. It takes a while to get there but you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous sea, crystal clear lagoons lined with hammocks, golden sand dunes, and spectacular sunsets. Learn more about Jeri via


The star attraction in Jericoacoara is Lagoa Paraiso. The Lagoon’s name already hints what to expect.

Special clothing for big brothers

<p>When brothers become the older children in the family, it can be fun to celebrate by getting special clothing for them. For instance, pick up some funny&nbsp;big brother shirts at the ecommerce store linked in this post. While you are there, if you surf around as I did, you will also find clothing for other occasions like for big sisters, for noting a favorite aunt or uncle, mom, dad or other person. Gosh, see what I mean and in no time, fill your cart with awesome clothing for all your next gift-giving days ahead. I know I found a bunch of pieces I like!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Sexy camo garments in all sizes

<p>Looking for something sexy to wear for your marine or other military partner – or perhaps for the militant inner you?! If so, you can choose all sizes and styles of awesome&nbsp;camouflage baby doll garments by clicking that link. See what you thin and heck, email the link to your mate for feedback. Maybe that will be a hint, hint for your mate to buy you something for an upcoming special date or holiday in your life, what the heck 🙂 Never hurts to toot your own horn and point out clothing you like. GO for it and have fun!</p>

Shirts for unique baby gifts

<p>When my sister went in search of unique baby gifts for my newborn's shower, she asked her friends to share links to online stores to give her ideas. One friend sent her a link to&nbsp;funny baby onesies. Wow, are there neat gifts there, very unique ones, too! She found character shirts like Spiderman and Spongebob faces. She found silly but neat sayings like Sister Bear and Best Kid Ever, Best Nephew and Best Niece Ever and a bunch more. The shirts and onesies come in all sorts of colors. Now she is having a tough time choosing which ones to buy!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Pedra da Gavea; the Ultimate Selfie Spot in Rio

Surrounded by Monolithic Mountains, skyscrapers and a giant statue of Christ, there are plenty of nice spots to take a photo of Rio (and a selfie for that matter). However, you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with selfie aficionados. Why battle for space and angle if there’s Pedra da Gavea?


Pedra da Gavea is a monolithic mountain in Tijuca Forest and is among the world’s highest mountains that end directly in the ocean. It has an elevation of 844m (2,779 ft.) and with no fence, it takes nerves of steel to enjoy the scenery and as usual, a selfie. No wonder, only a handful hike the place. For more great travel recommendations in Rio and beyond, visit


Pedra da Gavea is one of the first to be named in Portuguese. Its name translates Rock of the Topsail.

Does Your Office Need A New Printer

Just about every office will have at least one printer, but do you know if your printer is the right one for your business requirements? There are so many different types of printer available and the technology is improving all the time so if you have an old printer, you could in fact, save your business considerable time and money by upgrading to a more modern one. If you are unsure as to what type of printer you should get, here is a great website where there is expert help available They can help you with all your printer requirements so that your business is more efficient.

How To Choose The Right Legal Practice Software

There are so many different kinds of software that legal practices might use for a variety of functions that it can be difficult to pick the right one for your firm. Choosing the most appropriate software takes into consideration the unique requirements of a particular law office. Even though some things will be the same for any lawyer, some things are different for a one-person law office than they are for a large firm with a large compliment of lawyers and a support staff.  When my firm was looking for suitable legal practice software, we went to where we have been able to customize the software to our own requirements.

fitness t shirts

<p>2017 is here and that means a better you. Starting off on the right foot is the hardest step and everyone needs a little gym-spiration. If you look good, you feel good so it only makes sense that your gym gear will motivate your fitness efforts. Getting fit isn&rsquo;t always easy but finding funny apparel is. wants to help your motivation, or lack thereof, with the funniest fitness t shirts. Running? Lifting? Doesn&rsquo;t matter what your workout preference may be, we&rsquo;ve got it. Let your design do the talking for you while you get your sweat on. That&rsquo;s not all has to offer. We have a huge selection of the most hilarious fitness designs for the hardcore lifter to the cardio queen and we&rsquo;re sure you&rsquo;re going to find something you can&rsquo;t wait to wear to the gym. Take any of your favorite designs and customize it by adding your own art or text and even swapping it onto any product that we offer.</p>